Self practice – Finding the Yoga in the every day stuff.

People often ask me how often i “do” Yoga.. and it’s a question that always receives a different reply. Most recently my reply has been “all day long, every day!”

So to explain: last week was great.. I was up at 6am to practice daily, getting an hour of blissful, solitary physical Asana and breath-work in before my little one woke. I was feeling strong and in control, life felt joyful and daily chores a doddle; I was in flow.. this pleased me.
Then half term came and with it a horrible virus for my little girl. Enter 3 sleepless nights in a row, a grouchy toddler by day and a worried mummy. My window for morning practice is gone just as it was beginning to feel like home, I’m tired. The demands of running a home, a yoga studio and being mummy are still there.. except now I’m struggling. I don’t feel in flow. This doesn’t please me!

So I drop all hope of structure, of sleep and a solitary space to call my own to “practice” Instead I draw with my little one; multiple rainbows are her choice for today. I marvel at the colours and the way she is so delighted by a packet of felt pens. I wash the dishes; taking great care with each one as I press the soles of my feet into the ground and feel stable.

I make nutritious smoothies; my toddler gets a green moustache and we laugh.

We go to the park, breathe.. feeling the crunch of the leaves under our feet. We look for conkers. My little girl chases the leaves; she wants to catch them.

I breathe again. Press my feet into the ground. This is my practice. I am Mummy. This toddler is my Teacher.

I am in flow.

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