Cardiff Yoga School

ONLINE & IN PERSON 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

(Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited)

We warmly invite you to join our community and deepen your understanding of Yoga; We would love you to discover your inner light and then share it with the world. 

Our Yoga Teacher  training is limited to just 10 students per intake and  has been developed with the following key principles in mind; we promise your experience with us will be:

  • Authentic
  • Accessible 
  • Safe 
  • non-dogmatic 
  • Heart- centred ( every aspect of your training will be offered in a way to nurture & support you on your journey)
  • De-mystified: we believe that the sharing of yoga needn’t be shrouded in mystery; Yoga really is for everyone! 

Whether you choose to teach Yoga after completion of your course with us is up to you; we hope that the experience of training with us will be a healing one regardless.

Our comprehensive 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course will enable you to teach Yoga with confidence and a sense of ease; you will be encouraged to cultivate your unique inner light; we believe all have something different to offer the world.

During this course you will:

  • Gain a deeper knowledge of Yoga and perspective of the potential Yoga has to transform lives.
  • Be encouraged to find your authentic voice as a Yoga Teacher and then filled with the confidence to share it!
  • You will be welcomed into a supportive and collaborative community  to practice your teaching skills with your peer group.
  • You will learn how to teach safely with attention to alignment, comfort and stability for the student.
  • You will be encouraged to explore a range of teaching techniques:
    • Verbal
    • Demonstrative
    • Hands on adjustments
  • We will cover class planning, time management and effective sequencing to give you the confidence to move forward and into the world as a yoga teacher.
  • You will be given an introduction to the physical body and it’s functions with specific reference to the effects of Yoga breath and Asana on the functioning of the bodily systems
  • We will take an in -depth look at the traditional Hatha Yoga postures and yoga breathing techniques. We will enjoy  an exploration of sequencing to keep your teaching safe, effective and enjoyable for your students
  • We will study traditional Yogic Texts to deepen our understanding of Yoga and employ the philosophy into our daily lives
  • We will embark on a joyful exploration into what makes you.. you! We all have unique talents and personal gifts that the world needs right now. With the deep inner work this course offers, will uncover yours.

Breakdown Of Training Hours

Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, our  course adheres to the highest standards possible in Yoga Teaching training today.


  • Technique, Training and Practice: 100 hrs (90 with lead tutor)
  • Teaching Methodology: (30hrs, 20 with lead tutor)
  • Anatomy and Physiology: ( 30hrs, 20 with lead tutor)
  • The philosophy of Yoga & application to daily life: (30hrs, 20 with lead tutor)
  • Teaching practice (10hrs, 10 with lead tutor)


  • Our online training is delivered via a range of modalities. You will gain personal access to our online training course platform where you will find fun learning resources, tuition videos and more.
  • Teaching is offered via live training sessions
  •  Regular live group coaching sessions are also offered  as a way to provide ongoing support for holistic development.
  • You will be required to attend live teaching practices as part of your assessment for graduation along with written assignments.
  • You will also be required to attend a full 10 days of “in person training & immersion” at the end of our time together (If this proves to be not possible we will offer this aspect live & online)

Course Duration

IN PERSON: The course is offered at the weekend to enable you to continue to work at your day job/ fulfil family responsibilities
Weekends only spread over 12months (Saturdays 8.30-5.30pm and Sundays 11.30-5.30pm)

ONLINE: 24 weeks

Course Dates

HYBRID ( ONLINE & IN PERSON over 24 weeks) :
Our next hybrid course will run as follows:

5th April 2021- 31st July 2021: WEEKLY online* sessions ( 5 hrs per week split between 3 sessions)

* Alongside your “LIVE” hours you will also gain access to your our course platform to enrich your learning between sessions

20th-31st August 2021: 10 day In-Person IMMERSION*

* This week we will dive deep, connect as a community and integrate everything you have learned!

IN PERSON ( Weekends only over 12 months):

Our next in person training will begin September  2021, weekend dates TBC

Course Costs

HYBRID ( Weekly Online training sessions  PLUS  11 day “in Person” Immersion): £2,277*

* PAID IN 3 installments of £759

IN PERSON: £2,577

* PAID in 3 installments of £859


We ask that you have been practicing yoga for a minimum of 2 years; either with us or at another studio.

Your lead course Tutor

Amanda is the owner & founder of Mandayoga studio and Cardiff Yoga School. 

Now a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) and accredited Teacher Trainer with Yoga Alliance Professionals U.K, Amanda originally fell in love with Yoga over a decade ago. 

Amanda found the practice of Yoga to be a powerful means to build physical, spiritual and emotional strength. After spending many years healing her own life, Amanda quickly realised that she had a gift for communicating & sharing these healing practices with others in a way that both helped to prompt transformative healing and empower individuals to make deep, lasting change for themselves. 

Amanda really believes Yoga is for everyone and this is the ethos behind Mandayoga and Cardiff Yoga School. 

Amanda created Mandayoga studio in 2014 as a way to enable others to journey towards health, happiness & wholeness  through movement, meditation and mindfulness; it is now a thriving and well loved hub for transformation. 

Cardiff Yoga School provides aspiring Yoga Teachers with non-dogmatic, heart-based Teacher Training and further development courses for already qualified Teachers. We are constantly evolving our offerings to meet the needs of our community. Amanda’s mission for her projects is always to listen, to lead with love and to commit to learning; this mission will be evident when you train with us in any capacity.

Amanda hopes you get in touch if the Studio or School resonate with you; she hopes to meet you soon. 

Would you like a chat?

Please call Amanda or email to discuss the training further; she’ll be happy to chat it through with you! / 07415283089