Class Descriptions

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Barre is a fusion of ballet, pilates and body conditioning which will improve posture, balance and co- ordination. These sessions promise to sculpt and tone your body whilst providing you with a whole lotta FUN ! Wear comfy clothes and either ballet shoes or bare foot and prepare to connect and rediscover the bits of you you might have shoved aside.. reclaim that rhythm. No dance experience is necessary, come as you are. *This class is 50 mins long *

Dynamic Hatha

Dynamic Hatha Level 2

This class offers students a progression from Hatha Flow / Vinyasa Flow . This class is ideal for students who have a regular yoga practice and are looking to challenge themselves in a safe and informative way. This class is less flowing than Vinyasa sessions and gives students more time to build into postures ; exploring inversions, arm balances and backbends within a syllabus that alternates on a 3-weekly basis. There is a focus on the tantric aspects of yoga with an underlying intention of the practice as self-inquiry, mastery of the mind & the physical body.

Each session interweaves pranayama, bandha, alignment, flexibility and strength.

Though this is a stronger class, postures are offered in layers so that students have a chance to experience different levels of a pose.

This class is not suitable if you are pregnant or have had a baby in the last 6 weeks.

Flow, Glow, Go!

Our 45 minute glow flow sessions will give you that all- over- balanced feeling, in express time!We all have busy lives, but these sessions promise to bring you back to earth, release tension, build strength & flexibility AND have you on your way home within the hour. Come along and give it a try, then simply watch how the rest of your day improves! Suitable for all with a reasonable level of fitness except those who have had a baby less than 6 weeks ago, or are pregnant. * During Autumn and Winter these sessions are heated with our cosy  infra-red heaters*

Mummy & Baby Yoga

This class is designed to offer you a complete package: Yoga for postnatal recovery and pelvic floor strengthening for mum and basic baby massage and special baby yoga techniques for baby. You will be encouraged to work at a pace to suit both you and baby in a relaxed setting; no experience of Yoga is necessary at all. We will use a combination of song, massage and yoga to connect with and delight babe whilst mum is encouraged to reconnect to her body through physical Yoga postures and breath work.

Classes run in line with school terms.

* Please bring a yoga mat to class if you have one and bring baby in a sling/ car seat if it’s possible rather than a pram as we have very limited space for prams to be stored.

Nourishing Flow

A chance to re-connect to your heart, the earth and your inner self. During this class you will be encouraged to connect to your breath to bring a sense of peace and spaciousness to body and mind. The flowing sequences will be at a slightly slower pace; working with the emphasis on resettling the nervous system and finding strength & balance. This class will bring you into a new space physically and mentally; stepping away from familiar chaos and towards a lighter way of being.

Suitable for all except those who are pregnant or had a baby less than 6 weeks ago.

* Please bring a mat & block to class if you have one

Pregnancy Yoga

Feel centred, healthy and relaxed throughout your pregnancy with Yoga. Prepare physically and mentally for your birthing experience and feel strong. Take the time to relax and deepen the bond with your baby in a safe, supportive environment. We will have time for sharing at the beginning of every class..

We are always on hand to ‘mother the mother’ with practical guidance and emotional support for you during this special phase of your life.

Suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy or after your first scan.

* Please bring a mat & block to class if you have one

Restorative yoga for stress & Recovery

A great class to set you up for your weekend. This is an opportunity to clear any “clutter” both physically and mentally as you let go of the working week. We will work with a combination of pranayama (breath work) and restorative yoga postures) to offer deep unravelling and an opportunity to heal on a cellular level. We will also enjoy a dreamy relaxation to ground and soothe the nervous system whilst quieting a busy mind. This class is open to all.

Slow Flow

The slow flow class is slightly more gentle than the Vinyasa flow classes; although we will still work to build strength, stamina and flexibility and movement will be linked onto the thread of the breath. You will be encouraged to work at your own pace as you progress through a flowing sequence of classical Hatha yoga postures.

This class is designed to unravel the body and relax the mind. Perfect for those wanting to work a little without feeling depleted.

Suitable for all levels except those who are pregnant or have had a baby less than 6 weeks ago.

Therapeutic yoga for healthy sleep and relaxation

This is a class to offer you a mid week retreat.Working very gently with physical postures, breathing techniques and guided relaxation, you will learn to let go of tension and create space both physically and mentally.

Limited to just 8 students, and taught in a space with specially chosen aromatherapy oils.. this class will offer an “S.O.S” for anyone suffering with mid-week exhaustion and rising stress levels. With the current climate, this class is a must for us all!

Vinyasa Flow

This is a class designed to bring a detoxifying heat to the body and build up some sweat!

Classes usually begin with a gentle warm up and some deep holding postures to loosen off the hips and lower spine. Using precise instruction we will then start work through an energising series of postures linked on the thread of the breath to form a flowing sequence. Practicing a flowing sequence of Asana (postures) allows the body to generate an internal heat to relax and let go more readily; giving you a practice that promotes strength, flexibility and is deeply detoxifying. Avoid if you are a complete beginner, do not attend if you are pregnant or have had a baby less than 6 weeks ago.

Heated Vinyasa & YIN

The best of both worlds in one class! This class incorporates flowing sequencing linked onto the thread of the breath to strengthen and longer held postures to lengthen; targeting deeply held tension and soothing the nervous system. Sessions will generally begin with some gentle release for the low back/ hamstrings/ neck & shoulders, build up to a strengthening flow .. and then come back to the earth ready to cool down and deeply relax. We will also enjoy specially selected essential oils to ensure a dreamy Savasana at the end. This class is heated with our infrared heaters, not suitable for pregnancy or those with high blood pressure.


Yin yoga works deeply within the body to release holding within the connective tissue; we reach parts of the body that more dynamic forms of practice don’t always reach. Yin yoga uses longer holds focussed on the lower spine and the hips so whilst it might look more passive, it is actually quite challenging for both the body and the mind.

By using props to support the body during posture work we can let go of the ‘holding on’ allowing the subtle body to restore and heal naturally. You will be guided you gently through this transformative practice in very comfortable surroundings. Incorporating somatic breath-work with self massage techniques, this class promises to soothe the entire being at the end of the week.

HOT Pilates

Build core strength, increase flexibility, improve your balance and tone your whole body with this 60 minute heated mat pilates session. Steph has many years of experience and is ready to guide you through this hour to re-set your body, mind and soul.

The infra red heat will assist your body to open readily, detox and let go of tension.  Your body will heat from the inside out, just like being in the sun.. so no stuffy air at all in the studio, just a gorgeous glow.

Classes are limitd to 10, please bring  towel, not suitbale for preganancy or those with high blood pressure.