Mandayoga Covid 19 Policy 

Please read the following information carefully to inform you of the steps we have taken to keep you safe when you visit us. Please also take note of the ways in which you can help us to keep you safe at the studio*


  • All classes are strictly limited to 11 students
  • Please wear your mask to the studio and keep on until you are settled on your mat. Please replace your mask as you are leaving.
  • All students are required to wear Yoga clothing to class; we cannot allow changing at the studio.
  • Students are not able to practice if they are unwell in any way; any visible signs of a cold/cough etc will unfortunately mean that you can’t practice and you will need to return home.
  • You are able to wear a mask during practice if you choose to; we do not routinely provide these.
  • Please wait outside the studio before class, being mindful of distancing. You will be let into the studio one at a time.
  • All coats, shoes and bags must be left in the lobby area which is locked and secure during class.
  • All students MUST sanitise  hands on arrival before entering the studio.
  • 24 hrs notice is required for all class cancellations to retain class credit.


  • All students are required to bring their own equipment: mat, brick, block and belt.
  • In an emergency (i.e: students have forgotten their kit) they can use ours providing they spray with dettol before AND after use thoroughly: This is not ideal and for an emergency only.
  • Students CAN use our bolsters, providing they bring their own pillow case(s) to cover.


Students are welcome to wear a mask during class if they choose to.
Teachers will wear a mask for arrival and departures to avoid unnecessary risk whilst meeting and greeting.

Extra Cleaning/ Covid Safety

We have invested in an Air Purification system for the studio. 
This system will clean the air every 16 minutes of bacteria, virus particles and other pollutants . The studio will be sanitized (including floor and all surfaces) and ventilated thoroughly after every class; there is a minimum window of 30 mins between each session in order to do this.


  • Students are asked to use the toilets before class begins whenever possible. We have antibacterial wipes in place and ask that any users kindly wipe down the taps and flush after use with one of these and place the wipe in the bin provided.
  • Touchless soap dispensers and paper towels have been installed.