Cardiff Yoga School Teacher Terms and Conditions/Policies

Practice Experience

We require all participants for our 200hr Teacher Training to have a minimum of 2 years solid yoga practice experience either with us or another school/ teacher

Booking & Payment

All students must have either paid in full or paid their agreed deposit to initiate a payment plan a maximum of 14 days after being accepted on the course.

Students who have not made their agreed payment 4 weeks prior to the course start date will not be able to attend.

COVID 19/ Other Viral outbreak

We will endeavor to fulfil all live and “in-person” aspects of our courses. In the event that we are subject to any community viral outbreak which forces closure of our studio and so prevents this happening, we will continue with all training online.

Students will be supported in this event to get the very best experience possible. Please be aware that no refunds will be offered in the event of pandemic/epidemic situations when online learning is an option for the School.


All agreed fees must be paid within 14 days of being accepted on the course.

Courses can be paid in full ( £100 discount)  OR by 3 installments.

If paying in FULL:

The total amount paid  will include  a non- refundable ( at any stage) deposit of £759 ( HYBRID) or £859 ( IN PERSON).

If paying by INSTALLMENTS:

The initial first payment to secure your place will act as a non- refundable ( at any stage) deposit of £759 (HYBRID) or £859 ( IN PERSON).

If you pay in full and cancel your course with at least 12 weeks notice of our course start date you will receive the remaining payment made back minus your initial deposit plus a £100 admin fee.

Payment by instalments: 

If you drop out of the course at any stage after we begin, full payment for the course will still be due.

Fees include

  • All course materials and training manual
  • Training and assessment with a senior Yoga Teacher (YAP)
  • Automatic trainee insurance with YAP
  • subsidised upgraded membership with YAP if you register within 14 days of graduation

Fees don’t include

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Refund Policy

Our courses are non- refundable and non- exchangeable

Deposits for monthly payment plans are non-refundable or exchangeable

If you decide on a monthly payment plan you will be entered into a contract to pay ALL course fees regardless of whether you finish your course or not.

In exceptional circumstances ( due to ill health) students might be able to complete their studies the following year at a different training; this will be judged on a case by case basis.

During the course

  • 100% attendance is required
  • Missed weekends may be able to be made up at the discretion of the Lead tutor; this will incur extra costs for group £10 per hour / 1:1 tuition (£30 per hour)
  • All written course work must be submitted during the course on the dates given and a maximum of 7 days after the course has ended to qualify.
  • Late submissions for course work or repeat of an exam will incur a £30 administration fee.
  • Students will be required to maintain a steady physical yoga practice and keep a practice diary throughout their course.
  • special arrangements can be made if you are dyslexic; please discuss this with your lead tutor.

Use of personal information

Teacher trainees will need to consent to their contact details (name, email and phone number) being passed onto our certifying body, Yoga Alliance Professionals, so they can make contact directly  and invite me to register as a Trainee and Teacher. I understand that I have the option of opting out of this registration process.

Cancellation of Course

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule this course in the event of the lead trainer being unable to teach. In this highly unusual event full refunds will be given to all students registered if the course is cancelled.

Complaints procedure

We have a 2 stage complaints procedure:

  1. verbal complaints: please voice your concerns in person to your lead trainer who will make every effort to resolve any issue.
  2. Written complaints. If you are not comfortable to voice your issue, please put it in writing to your lead tutor at: 

All written complaints will be responded to within 7 days.

Code of conduct

All trainee teachers will be required to sign a contract  before commencing their Teacher Training course.

Students will be required to agree to the following code of conduct:

  • You remain responsible for your own body and your own practice.
  • You promise to provide safe and effective Yoga Instruction to members of the public to the best of your ability
  • If you need to come out of any physical poses or experience pain then please stop and rest to avoid injury.
  • Cardiff Yoga School  cannot take responsibility for any injury caused whilst training.
  • Trainees are to treat each other and tutors with compassion and respect at all times
  • Trainee teachers must agree to teach within their own limitations (I.e: teach what you know)
  • Do not attempt to diagnose a student’s physical/ mental condition (unless you are qualified to do so professionally)
  • Respect your student’s religious  beliefs and values
  • Do not discuss your students in any manner unless legally called/ bound to do so
  • Not to discriminate on grounds of any personal preference or on grounds of race, religion, age, sexual orientation etc.
  • Always act with empathy and compassion when talking to your students.
  • Do not engage in any personal relationship with a student that takes advantage of your position as a teacher. This may include sexual relationships.
  • If you do feel unable to continue teaching a student for any reason try to provide a referral to another suitable yoga teacher