Rosie Coombes

I have been working as a qualified Massage Therapist since December 2017 keeping up to date with current healing methods.

I flow intuitively with the body, helping me pick up on any areas of tension, stress or pain.

For me using a combination of intuitive healing and clinical practice helps achieve positive results. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, injuries, pregnancy ailments, or just want to relax and melt away worries, I offer an individual experience tailored especially for you.

My own particular interest is in massage needs relating to women’s health.

Being a graduate from the prestigious Bristol College of Massage and Bodyworks has given me a great foundation of anatomy and physiology knowledge. I have a Holistic Massage Level 4 Diploma and over the last 24 months completed training in relaxation, Reiki, pregnancy and postnatal, Indian head massage, energy healing focus workshops, deep tissue & body use workshop and advanced massage techniques training.

List of treatments

1. Tailored Holistic Massage

A freestyle massage, targeting areas with a “fusion” of deep tissue and soft tissue techniques depending on your preference; along with release tension stretches to help restore your mind, body and spirit with a unique holistic approach.

30min – £30 | 60min – £44 | 90min – £64 | 120min – £84

2. Abdominal Massage

To help support women’s health.

30min – £30 | 60min – £44 | 90min – £64 | 120min – £84

3. Pregnancy Massage & Postnatal Massage

This treatment is to help overall wellbeing for mothers and mothers to be at this important time; for example – By targeting particular aliments affected by carrying a child before and after birth.

30min – £30 | 60min – £44 | 90min – £64 | 120min – £84

4. Indian Head Massage

Derived from the ancient method of Ayurveda working with the Meridian Energy Lines and massage to the face, neck, back, shoulders and the head; the mind!

30min – £30 | 60min – £44 | 90min – £64 | 120min – £84

5. Focused Energy Healing Treatment *

I use a fusion of Indian head working with Meridian Lines, focused intuition, Reiki healing, and light colour theory to help identify and release built up emotion or stored trauma from the body’s past experiences.

60min – £54 *Energy Healing comes as a 60 min session only.

For a massage to be thoroughly therapeutic it must be tailor-made for you and your lifestyle.

Each treatment begins with a 10-minute consultation to discuss areas you would like me to focus on, any symptoms you may have, your medical background and what you would like from the massage.


I flow intuitively with the body, helping me pick up on any areas of tension, stress or pain.

I adjust pressure, pace and techniques according to your pacific needs at that time to ensure the best results for your mind, body and soul.

I use a combination of deep & soft tissue moves depending on your preference on muscles; along with focused acupressure points and release stretches. To form a “Fusion healing” if you like combining these techniques together to create a unique holistic approach.



This will suit women of all ages and focuses on ailments and conditions that particularly affect women, such as PMS, menopausal issues, postnatal after birth experiences and feelings of disconnection with areas of your body. The techniques I use are a “fusion” of abdominal massage and intuitive healing around the area of the womb.

This treatment can help to restore an overall balance of mind, body and spirit.



It is safe to receive a pregnancy massage from an experienced therapist after your first trimester. I use a variety of safe techniques applied to reduce pain and swelling which helps regulate hormones and promote relaxation. This is a good treatment for relief from backache, headaches, cramps, swollen ankles and tiredness. The side-lying position is achieved using pillows and bolsters to ensure optimal comfort and safety. This treatment is to help overall wellbeing at this important time.



Postnatal massage is a fantastic way to help restore and rebalance your body after pregnancy and birth. It helps to relieve aches and pains (such as backache and arm strain from breastfeeding) and overall tiredness. It is safe to receive a postnatal massage from an experienced therapist anytime following the birth of your baby.



Indian Head massage is a relaxing treatment that uses acupressure points “fused” with massage skills focusing on the face, neck, back, shoulders and head areas of the body. I have found this particularly good for conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, headaches/migraines and for overall activation of Mindspace.

I use a fusion of relaxation techniques and work with the Meridian Lines to help improve energy levels and over all wellbeing.



From a young age I could see light and colour patterns or sense a colour in a moment. Now I’m older I have realised this is working with energy and it is helping guide my treatments. I use a fusion of Indian Head working with Meridian Lines, Reiki healing, and light colour theory to help identify and release built up emotion or stored trauma from the body’s past experiences. Energy blockages can play havoc with our bodies.

My hands-on healing creates heat which leads the way to the areas needing attention. This treatment can improve your mood, clearing your mind of thoughts and allowing your body to deeply relax into a state of calm.

A client once said, “It feels like melted butter transferring from the warmth of your hands.”

This treatment is suitable for an hour-long session.