Yoga in the Workplace

  • Does your work environment feel a little tense?
  • Does your organisation experience absenteeism due to stress/ back pain/anxiety related illness?
  • Would you like to increase productivity for your company?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above..  Yoga and relaxation in the workplace with Amanda might be just what you need!

Amanda can offer you a variety of options to help bring a little calm into your corporate space.. your staff will thank you for it (and you might see more of them too!)

Packages available are:

Weekly YOGA S.O.S

Individual Yoga class: ( 60mins) maximum 15 people

Enjoy a single yoga session weekly at your workplace. Amanda will visit your place of work and offer a class designed to promote relaxation and calm. Asides from building strength and flexibility physically, we will introduce breathing practices to keep your staff from bubbling over at their workstation;Amanda will offer a weekly tip to take away .. a weekly life saver perhaps!

Wonder Workshop

2.5 hrs

Amanda will spend 2.5 hrs at your workplace promoting a feeling of calm and physical stability for your staff. We will work on techniques to stay cool in the face of pressure-based challenges, chair-based yoga techniques will offer a treat for shoulders and lower back.. and an introduction to a posture- based regular yoga class will also be offered.

Delightful Day

5 hrs

We will work in a similar way to the shorter workshop; although the full day will include 1:1 consultation with each staff member ( maximum 15) to determine their best way forward with which techniques to focus on based on their needs.

Super Stress Busting Special

This is a combination; a full days workshop followed up with 6 weekly individual yoga classes for your team.. sending your workforce onto their road towards bliss!

*Workshops will include worksheets to be kept by the staff to remind them of their stress-combatting techniques

Please contact Amanda to discuss your needs and prices; we are very competitive and reasonable priced. We also offer a 10% discount for charities.